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Building Cleanings

Heavy Plates (LTG)

Heavy plates, also referred to in Romania as LTG, are hot rolled and classified according to usage in the following ways:

– Metallic constructions: S235 (JR, JO, J2), S275 (JR, JO, J2), S355 (JR, JO, J2);
– Automotive industry: S235 (JR, JO, J2), S275 (JR, JO, J2), S355 (JR, JO, J2), C45, 42CrMo4;
– Boilers and pressure vessels: P265GH, P295GH, 16Mo3
– Heavy machinery resistant to corrosion and abrasion: HARDOX, RAEX, etc.

4-160 mm;
we also offer UltraSonic and Z test, cut-to-length, and shot-blasting