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Metallic structures

BAUROM processes and produces metallic structures within its own modern factory of 4.500 square meters, built in-house and equipped with cranes of 5 to 40 tonnes lifting capacity. The average monthly output is 300 tonnes, however it can vary depending on the project type.

This activity is supported by oxygas and plasma cutting machines, beam cutting machines, Ficep 1000 drilling and cutting machine for beams and hollow-sections, shot blasting machine, Abkant Bending Machine, welding robot, as well as welding sources.

Our welders are TUV authorized in two welding procedures and two welding materials; the welded products are tested at the designer’s request with ultrasonic procedure, penetrant liquids, or both. The fabrication process is supported also by manual drilling, manual cutting, and manual plasma cutting equipment.


Oxygas and plasma cutting machine

2 heads of oxygas that can cut up to 180 mm thickness, and 1 head of 260A plasma that cuts up to 40 mm.


Plasma cutting machine

2 heads of 130 A plasma; has the capacity to cut material up to 20 mm in thickness, with high precision

Ficep 1000 drilling and cutting machine for beams and hollow-sections

Automatic machine for drilling and cutting beams and hollow-sections; it can cut at a 90 degree angle up to a maximum thickness of 1000 mm, and a maximum height of 350 mm; it can also process in sub-angles of up to plus-minus 60 degrees, and in a maximum dimension of 600 mm.


Shot Blasting Machine

Automatic shoot blasting tunnel with steel balls; 2 meters maximum width, 0.5 m maximum height.


Abkant Bending Machine

Abkant with a bending capability of up to 4 meters in length and a thickness of 8 mm.