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Terms and conditions

The data and information presented on the baurom.ro website are used only for informative and promotional purposes.

Users of this website can use its posted information freely, if they respect the following terms:

  • Information on this server may be subject to change without notice, and does not represent in any way the undertaking of a future obligation by or from baurom.ro
  • when information is included in documents destined for commercial use (regardless of form), individuals or companies that publish this information must inform their buyers, prior to paying a subscription or commission, as well as anytime they access information taken from this website, that the information can be obtained free of charge through this website
  • Information modifications by users must be mentioned explicitly.

The use on baurom.ro of any registered trademark cannot be interpreted as advertising for that particular company. baurom.ro does not assume responsibility and cannot be blamed for damages occurred through the use of this site’s content.

baurom.ro does not guarantee that its host servers are virus-free or that they do not contain other components of a potentially damaging nature, that they do not contain errors, omissions, breakdowns, delays or interruptions in operating or transmission, blackouts or any other similar occurrences.

The user navigates the website at its own risk, baurom.ro being free of any responsibility for potential direct or indirect damages caused by using or accessing/visiting the site or following the use of the site’s information.

baurom.ro is not responsible for errors or omissions that can come up in the write-up or presentation of the site’s content.

If you consider that the terms of use mentioned above are unacceptable for you, we apologize and ask you not to continue accessing or using the data and information presented on this website.


We wish to offer our services in an easy and trusting manner. Services provided over the internet sometimes imply the placement of a small quantity of information on the device used (for example, a computer or mobile phone). This type of information is known as cookies.

This website’s cookies do not collect any type of personal information from you, and cannot be used to personally identify you.

How does baurom.ro use cookies?

The cookies on baurom.ro are strictly necessary in order to allow you to navigate the site in the best possible way.

We do not sell information collected by cookies, nor do we present this information to third parties, with the exception of cases that fall under the rule of law.

What cookies are used on your device?

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    Our site contains some pages that show a Google Map. When you visualize these pages Google uses a cookie module in order to stock your selections.
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    Our site uses Google Analytics in order to measure the number of people using our website, and for helping us understand the way in which people interact with our web pages, so that we can continually improve them. In turn, Google uses a cookie that allows us to gather this information.
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